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Bluetooth speaker working principle

JBL speaker to iphone

Bluetooth is the new wireless technology for short-range data transfer. Almost all smartphones are equipped with this technology using which you can transfer files from one smartphone to another without the Wi-Fi and usage of data. There is another usage of this wireless technology which is its use for speakers. Now speakers are available in the market and you can connect these Bluetooth speakers to your smartphone, to PCs, to any other device with wires. Now gone are the days when a jumble of wires was used. You can connect Bluetooth speakers with any audio system equipped with Blue tooth connectivity and enjoy music without the hassle of wires and connectors.

These days almost everyone knows about Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth speakers. I have written this short intro for those who are not familiar with this technology and specifically to the Bluetooth speaker working principle.

What is Bluetooth Technology

To understand about working principle of Bluetooth speakers, you must first understand the working principle of Bluetooth technology.  You must know that your smartphone communicates through wireless technology, but the signals are too strong to communicate faraway and thus connect to the base station 100s of meters away. Bluetooth is also a wireless communication technology started in 2001, having less power and low data rate. Almost all smartphones are equipped with Bluetooth technology for transferring data and connectivity with other Bluetooth devices like Bluetooth headphones, printers, and speakers.

Bluetooth uses the spread spectrum technology in which the data is converted into packets and these packets are transmitted by radio waves in the range of 2.45 GHz.  To transmit data from one Bluetooth device to others both must be in the range of about 10 meters, though some high range devices are now available for industrial usage. The devices are paired and then they are ready to use.

The technology of Bluetooth is speakers are meant to have no hustle of wires and good sound quality. Since 2001 Bluetooth technology is improving and its versions are updated. The first version introduced in 2001 was Bluetooth version 1.1 which is updated from time to time and now the Bluetooth version5.2 is in use with good encryption, security measures, high data rate, and good range.

For Further reading on Blue tooth technology and its working you can visit my articles What is Bluetooth technology and How Bluetooth works.

How do Bluetooth speaker Work

 The working of the Bluetooth speaker is exactly the same as that of conventional speakers. The Bluetooth speakers are having the same coil, magnet, and diaphragm as conventional speakers. When the amplified audio signal is sent to the speaker then the coil inside the speaker produces magnetism using the principle of induction and vibrates the diaphragm according to the sound signal which ultimately produces audio. The speaker is essentially a device that converts the electrical audio signal into sound waves.

Now the question arises that what is the difference between conventional speakers and the Bluetooth speakers?

The answer is, that in principle they are exactly the same however, the difference is in the connectivity of the speaker to the audio source. In the case of conventional speakers, connectivity is through wires, while in the case of Bluetooth speakers, connectivity is through wireless Bluetooth technology and there are no wires.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are another type of speaker which we use frequently in our daily life. It gives the ease of use at a remote distance within the range of Bluetooth without wires.

Bluetooth speakers are connected automatically if they are in the range of the audio source if its Bluetooth connection is ON.

Sometimes people are confused about the working principle of Bluetooth speakers and Wi-Fi speakers. Both are using different technologies rather the configuration is different. As said earlier, Bluetooth uses wireless technology to eliminate the need for wires and thus make the audio system simpler and convenient.

On the other hand Wi-Fi speakers also use wireless technology but it uses a bridge between the Audio source and the speakers itself.

Advantages of Bluetooth speakers

There are many advantages of Bluetooth speakers which we can discuss here one by one

No technical skills required: For connections and usage of Bluetooth speakers, no technical skills are required. As they can be paired with the audio sources automatically if they are in range. The only setting done is to accept their connection in the audio source device which is simple.

Portability: These speakers are extremely portable and beautiful design are available in the market which can fit in your backpacks. There is no hustle of wires and you can shift them from one place to another very easily. There are now speakers which are waterproof and you can take them while you are in your shower and enjoy music.

Compact design: Though Bluetooth speakers are powerful, but their design is compact. You cannot believe its performance while looking into its size.

No interference with other devices: Its range is too short due to its low power signals and thus these are having no interference with other wireless devices as they are having a dedicated band of frequencies which is in the range of 2.4 GHz.

Energy efficient: Since the range is short and the power is low, therefore these are energy efficient as well. In most of the cases AAA batteries are required.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers:

Short distance: The main limitation of Bluetooth speakers is their range. Its range is very limited and it must be within that range from the audio source, unlike conventional speakers which can be placed at far distances using long wires.

Woofers performance: Due to the limited power of Bluetooth technology Bluetooth speakers cannot perform like wired woofers with the best sound quality in most cases.

Compatibility: In some cases, there are compatibility issues. For example, in some cases, the audio sources may not be equipped with Bluetooth technology and thus Bluetooth can be connected with them.

Frequently asked questions about Bluetooth speakers (FAQ)

How does a Bluetooth speaker works?

Bluetooth speakers working principle is like conventional speakers as they have the same coil, magnet, and diaphragm. However, the connectivity with the audio source is wireless. The wireless technology used is Bluetooth technology.

Do Bluetooth speakers work without WiFi?

Yes, Bluetooth speakers don’t use wifi signals. Even if the network signals are not available even then using Bluetooth signals you can transmit data to other Bluetooth enables devices.

What is the difference between a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless speaker?

 Bluetooth speakers are wireless speakers which use Bluetooth technology for wireless transmission.

How do you use wireless speakers?

The use of wireless or Bluetooth speakers is very easy and simple. You just have to pair it with the source or audio device like a smartphone mobile tablet or audio amplifier having Bluetooth technology using the following steps.

Switch on your Bluetooth audio source and enable the Bluetooth port.

Switch on the Bluetooth speaker.

Once the Bluetooth speaker is detected by the audio source, allow them for connection so that they are paired.

Now they are ready you can start using them

What are advantages of Bluetooth speakers ?

Main advantages of Bluetooth speakers are no need of wires, portability, ease of use, no technical knowledge, and low power consumption.

What are the disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers?

Low range is the main disadvantage of Bluetooth speakers.

Is it worth buying a Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, of course, it is the latest technology. You must have a Bluetooth speaker with you which you can use while having fun in the open air while having a BBQ party without the hassle of connecting wires.

Are Bluetooth speakers better than wired?

If you want a speaker with ease of use and having no wires, then Bluetooth speaker is the best option for you.

Which is better Bluetooth or WiFi speakers

WiFi Speakers are connected to your smartphone or audio device through wifi signals, while Bluetooth is connected to your phones directly. The power and quality of Wifi signals are comparatively better.

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