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How to connect Bluetooth speaker to different devices

Bluetooth technology is the name of a wireless communication protocol designed to establish and maintain a connection between two or more devices. Bluetooth enables wireless communications between mobile devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, mp3 players, and computers.

You have seen Speakers who are connected to Computers, audio sources, and other play systems which are connected through wires. In some cases, these wire connections become very much annoying when the wires are mixed and jumbled. Sometimes the connectors become loose and you face very much difficulty to connect them with the sources.

To resolve these issues Bluetooth technology is used in speakers to make them connected with the audio sources. Bluetooth has made this connectivity very amazing and effort-free. But now the question is how to connect a Bluetooth speaker with the different audio devices. To answer this question this article is written to guide you step by step for connection of Bluetooth with different devices like PC, Android mobile, iPhone, Alexa, Laptop and many others.

How to connect Bluetooth speaker to android phone?

Android phone users have so many options for connecting Bluetooth speakers to their mobile phones. There’s a wide variety of different Bluetooth speakers available from brands such as JBL, Oontz, etc. These speakers are a great way to hear music and enjoy your favorite songs on the go. Android users can make the connection with their Bluetooth speakers by following these simple steps.

Switch on your Bluetooth speaker

Switch on Bluetooth in your mobile device.

Search for the available Bluetooth devices and look for the name of your Bluetooth speaker

Touch the Bluetooth speaker name to pair it with your android phone

Once paired it is then ready to go

How To Play Music On Echo dot And Bluetooth Speaker

The echo dot is Amazon Alexa for your home, and the Echo dot is a small, intelligent speaker that can be paired wirelessly to deliver 360 degrees Omni-directional audio with deep bass with very good and amazing sound quality.

Today we are going to explore, how to play music on Echo dot and a Bluetooth speaker or How to connect an Echo dot Alexa with a Bluetooth speaker. The first thing you would do is to enable Bluetooth on your phone. Then, Bring your phone close to your speaker to enable pairing. Next, find the Bluetooth tab on your phone and look for the speaker’s name. Click on that name.

Getting Started Amazon Alexa and Bluetooth speakers can be great companions when it comes to listening to music. The following tutorials will help you connect the Alexa to the speaker and start playing music to fill your home with your favorite tunes. Connecting Amazon Alexa to Bluetooth Speaker First, you want to make sure you have an Amazon Alexa device and a Bluetooth speaker. Next, download the Amazon Alexa app from the App Store. In the app, go to the Devices menu and select Bluetooth Devices. Make sure your speaker is on and select Connect from the list. If your speaker is not in the list, you might want to try refreshing the list. Open Alexa and say “Alexa, play my morning playlist

How to connect Bluetooth speaker to iphone?

Normally in almost all smartphones, the Bluetooth option is there by default.  You just have to activate it and pair it with the device to which you are going to connect your phone. To connect your iPhone you can follow the steps given below.

  1. Switch on your Bluetooth speaker
  2. Go to settings in your phone and select Bluetooth
  3. Once Bluetooth is selected, you will see the name of your speaker which is already switched on.
  4. Tap the name of the speaker so that it is paired with your phone.
  5. Once paired it is ready to go and play any audio.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Laptop?

In almost all modern laptops Bluetooth connectivity options are there. You just have to activate it and pair it with your device. To connect your laptop with a Bluetooth speaker you can follow the following steps.

  1. Switch on your Bluetooth speaker first and see if its batteries are charged. If Batteries are not charged then you can charge it first by appropriate charging device.
  2. Switch on your laptop and go to start- setting- devices-Bluetooth devices.
  3. Look for your name of the speaker. If it is not there refresh the list and switch off/switch on again your Bluetooth speaker and wait for a while.
  4. Once you see the name of the speaker select it to pair with your laptop.
  5. Once paired it is ready to go.

How to connect PC to a Bluetooth speaker?

Normally computers are not having Bluetooth adapters. To make your computer compatible with Bluetooth, you have to use a Bluetooth adopter. Bluetooth adopter normally comes in the form of a tiny device that can be plugged in in the USB slot. Once plugged in it can be installed on your PC using an accompanied driver. Once the Bluetooth adopter is installed, your computer is having no ability to connect to any Bluetooth device including Bluetooth speaker. To connect it to a Bluetooth speaker you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Switch on your Bluetooth speaker. Confirm that its Battery is charged.
  2. Switch on your computer and go to start-setting-devices-Bluetooth devices and look for the name of the Bluetooth speaker.
  3. Activate the Bluetooth speaker and pair it with your computer.
  4. Your Bluetooth speaker is ready and you can enjoy music from your PC wirelessly.


In this article, we have discussed the connectivity procedure of Bluetooth speaker with Android-phone, Bluetooth speaker with Laptop, Bluetooth speaker with PC, Bluetooth speaker with Alexa Echo dot, and Bluetooth speaker with iPhone.

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