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How to make Bluetooth speaker louder?

If you are looking for, How to make Bluetooth speakers louder?  then you are in the right place. Bluetooth is the newest radio technology in the world. It allows you to connect two devices (like sound and music systems) that are either far away or not physically connected at all. Bluetooth serves as a replacement for the existing technology (Dongles) and has been promoted by the companies that created it. Its potential has been hyped, but it is not a breakthrough technology.

Most commonly Bluetooth technology is used to connect speakers wirelessly with the source of music or sound. For Example, you can connect Bluetooth speakers with your phone to play music, with your TV, or with your PC wirelessly.

In some cases, the sound of the speaker is not enough and needs to be louder. So in this article, we are going to discuss, how we can boost the sound of our Bluetooth speaker, or in other words, we can say that this article is about, How to make your Bluetooth speaker louder?

Why we should use a Bluetooth speaker?

If you’ll be listening to music for long periods of time, it’s important to have a speaker that’s comfortable and portable. You don’t want to have to carry around two or three devices at the same time. Some speakers are built for music, and some are built for movie watching. You want to choose a speaker that’s built for music.

How to make Bluetooth speaker Louder?

If you want to compare your Bluetooth speaker with the wired speakers, then you have to make some compromise on the sound base and volume as Bluetooth speakers rely on the battery. However, it does not mean that you cannot change the loudness of the Bluetooth speakers. You have to consider the following points while making your Bluetooth speaker louder.

Room size:

Before selecting or buying Bluetooth speakers you must know the room size or the size of the place where you will be using those Bluetooth speakers. If the Room size is bigger then, of course, you need bigger speakers with heavy batteries.

Location of the Bluetooth speaker in the room:

Normally in parties and functions, people are chatting with each other due to which the speaker sound is mixed with people talking and it looks like that the speakers are not louder. It is generally recommended to put the speakers on the floor so that the sound is easily listened to by the participants.

Furthermore, speaker sound is easily amplified naturally by the walls if Bluetooth speakers are placed in the corner.

Use Bluetooth speaker in Pair:

Another important we some time is ignored and that is we sometimes use a single speaker. It is recommended to use two speakers.

Volume of sound on the source:

And finally check the source of the sound whether it is your phone, Tv, or music player whether is with full volume or not. Sometimes we mistakenly lower the volume on the source and then we look for the cause that why the sound of the speaker is low. So always check the sound of the source first.

Use of amplifier: how to make a Bluetooth speaker sound louder?

If you are somehow a technical person and know how to play with electronics, then you can use a small audio amplifier in your Bluetooth speaker. Alternatively, you can make very good DIY Bluetooth speakers with very good sound. You can take help from the following YouTube video.

Hacks for lauding Bluetooth speakers.

There are some tricks which you can use to loud the sound of a Bluetooth speaker. For example, you can use

  1. A paper box for placing the Bluetooth speaker for enhancing its loudness.
  2. You can use a big bowl to make your Bluetooth speaker louder
  3. You can use  a metallic utensil to enhance the loudness of Bluetooth speaker.

To check all its practical demonstrations you can watch the following YouTube video.

Apps for sound enhancement of Bluetooth speakers:

To make your Bluetooth speakers louder, you can download different apps on your sound source device. For example, if we are using our android phone as a source device for our Bluetooth speakers then we can use different apps for enhancing the sound.  Below is a list of a few sound enhancers you can use for enhancing and lauding the sound of your android phone and ultimately your Bluetooth speakers connected to the phone will be louder.

Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster Pro

VLC for Android


To check why your Bluetooth speakers are not louder, you can check the room size, whether the room is of normal size or it is a big hall for which your Bluetooth speakers are powerless. Second, you can place your Bluetooth speakers on Floor and in a corner to enhance the sound of the speaker. And finally, you can check the source audio setting for high volume. As a bonus tip, you can try some hacks if your Bluetooth speakers are of very small size to enhance the sound as shown in the refereed video.


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