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Turn ON Sony Sound bar Without Remote

Lets see how to Turn ON Sony Sound bar Without Remote

1. Turn ON Sony Sound bar Without Remote

2. Get rid of sound bar remote

3. Power Switch on Sound bar

4. Connect to TV

5. Sony Sound bar Control App

6. Universal Remote Control

How to Turn on a Sony Sound bar Without Using a Remote?

Have you ever been trying to turn on your sound bar without using a remote control and you cannot figure out how to make it work? If you have then this article is for you. We have compiled a list of ways that you can turn on your sound bar without using a remote.

Get rid of sound bar remote

You can use the TV remote to turn your TV ON/OFF and the sound bar remote to turn your sound bar ON/OFF. The remote is connected to the TV and the sound bar through a wire (or USB). So, when you turn your sound bar OFF, the TV remote will also be turned OFF, and vice versa. It’s so easy.

Power Switch on Sound bar

To turn off the sound bar, press the power button. If there are no buttons available, you can turn it off by holding down the power button for a few seconds.

If you press the power button and there are only one button present in the bottom right side corner of the sound bar and the manual is not available, try pushing all the buttons one at a time. The button that will make the LED lights blink is the power button.

If you are using a Windows PC, you may need to plug your device into a USB port and then click on the Start button to turn it on. If you are using an Apple device, you will need to hold the power button on the bottom of the device for a few seconds until the LED light on the top turns on.

Connect to TV

To connect the sound bar to your TV, you need to have an optical (red) and an HDMI (white) cable. The optical cable should be connected to the sound bar’s red input and the HDMI cable should be connected to the TV’s HDMI input. Make sure that the TV is switched off before connecting the cables. Next, switch on the TV and check if it is in the same room as the sound bar.

If you are using your television and sound bar at the same time, you need to turn off the television’s audio by selecting the HDMI/Optical option in the sound bar’s settings menu. You can also select Sony’s built-in speakers instead of the sound bar’s speakers.

Sony Sound bar Control App

The IR sensor is usually located in the top left corner of your phone. If you don’t see the IR sensor, then your phone doesn’t have the IR capability. Once you download the app, you can use it to control all your TV’s functions, including volume and channel changing.

If you are having issues getting the sound bar to work with the app, check to see if your remote is set up to work with the app. You can also try installing the app on another device.

Some users are having issues with the app and are getting a “not found” error message when trying to use the app. If you are one of those users, try re-installing the app. This could just be a case of compatibility issues with the device and the app, but you should be able to download another app that works.

Universal Remote Control

This is the most convenient way to operate your sound bar. You just need to place the universal remote on the top of your TV and then press the button on the remote to turn on/off the sound bar. You can also use the remote control app to do this. The drawback of using a universal remote is that you will need to have access to your TV remote at all times.

When you purchase a universal remote control, you should choose one that has all the functions that you need, especially if you have a large home entertainment setup. In addition to choosing a universal remote that will control all your equipment, you should also take into consideration the size of your home and the location of each component. If you have a big TV and surround sound speakers, you may want to purchase a device that can control them all from a single location.


Sony has a very good support system for its products. If you have any issues with your Sony TV, sound bar, or any other Sony product, then you can contact their customer support team. They will guide you through the entire process of contacting them and will help you resolve your problem.


How Do I Manually Turn On My Sony Sound Bar?

Plug the AV receiver into an electrical outlet.

If you don’t know where the AV receiver is, it’s usually located in the middle of a wall.

Look for a recessed power button on the front panel.

Press and hold down this button for two seconds.

The power should turn on.

Wait a few minutes for the system to warm up.

Where Is the Power Button on the Sony Sound bar?

Where Is the Power Button on the Sony Sound bar?

1. Answer: There is no physical button on the top of the sound bar. To turn on the sound bar you must follow these steps:

2. Open up your PlayStation app, then select Settings

3. Select System

4. Select Connected Devices

5. Choose “Sound Bar” from the dropdown menu

How do I control my Sony Sound bar with my TV remote?

When setting up your sound bar for the first time, select the Menu button and press the Set Up button. On the next screen, select Set up your sound bar. Press the Power button and scroll down to the Setup menu. Select the Menu button and scroll to the Setup menu and press Set Up. Scroll to System Menu. Press Menu. Scroll to Sound bar and press Set Up. On the next screen, scroll to Sound bar.

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