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What to Look for When Buying Budget Headphones


Headphones can make a big difference in your listening experience or viewing pleasure. However, tons of headphones all look the same and claim to have excellent sound. There are hundreds of headphones on the market, each claiming to offer the best sound quality and bass. But which ones live up to their claims? There are several things to consider when buying headphones for your mobile phone. To help you find the best value for money, we have compiled a list of important factors to consider so that you can find the best budget headphones.

Things to Look for Before Buying a Budget Headphone

Buying a budgeted headphone can be tricky, but these are the things to look for when buying one.


The first thing you should consider when buying budget headphones is the cost. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good sound, but you do need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. If you can only afford a mid-range pair of active noise cancelling headphones, look for durable and comfortable rather than cheap and flimsy ones. If price is an issue, then plenty of options out there won’t break the bank but still offer decent sound quality for an affordable price point.

Sound Quality

When looking for budget headphones, sound quality is key. You want to be able to hear your music clearly and accurately, and you don’t want your headphones to distort the sound too much. The best way to test this is to put on a song you are familiar with and slowly turn up the volume until you can hear the track. If it starts sounding distorted or fuzzy, that’s a sign that your headphones will not be good enough for you.

Music Controls

Do you want to be able to control your music with a button? Do you want to be able to skip songs and change the volume? If so, look for Bluetooth headphones  with music control features. Music controls are one of the most important features of any pair of headphones. If your budget headphones don’t have music controls, they will be useless to you if you use them while running or biking, because you won’t be able to change tracks or adjust the volume on the go. Make sure that your budget headphones have music controls.

Noise Cancellation

If you are listening in a busy place, like on the subway or at work, you will want headphones that block out all the sounds around you. It is annoying to have people talking next to your ear while listening to music. Another reason noise cancellation matter is so that you can listen in bed without waking up anyone else who might be sleeping nearby. If you want to be able to listen to music while falling asleep, then you need good noise isolation, so they don’t wake up every time there is a loud part of the song. Also while conducting or attending a video conference on platforms like Google Meet or Zoom, you don’t want to lose concentration from your tasks, noise cancellation feature is a must.


Durability is one of the most important considerations when buying budget headphones. Because they are less expensive, you may be tempted to go with a good pair but not durable. However, if you want your headphones to last and work well for years, you should avoid buying cheap knockoffs. Look for models made with high-quality materials that don’t feel flimsy or easily breakable.

Wireless or Wired

Wireless models are typically more expensive but offer a more immersive sound experience because the music is not transmitted through wires. A wireless model may be the way to go if you are looking for something convenient and easy to use. On the other hand, wired models also have their advantages: They are less expensive, and there is no need for additional batteries or charging time. It is also easier to use wired headphones with your phone or any other device with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Latest Connectivity

The latest version of Bluetooth connectivity is 4.0. This means that you can connect your headphones to your phone without any problems and enjoy all the headset features without any interruptions. The Bluetooth range is also an important factor in choosing budget headphones. You should buy a pair with a long range so you can use them while doing your daily activities without having to worry about the connection between them and your phone or laptop getting disrupted.


Factors such as driver size and impedance play a role in determining how bassy, clear, and loud a headphone can or cannot be. That said, there are still companies that make headphones with high-quality drivers for cheap prices. As long as you know what to look for and where to look, it is still possible to find good headphones without breaking the bank.

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